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I’m Chris, eclectic collector of experiences and interests, leader, father, husband, servant. I transform teams, build tools like MacGyver, and develop the next level of leaders.

My formula is simple. I color outside the lines while operating inside the lines. If that doesn’t make sense to you, check out my site and it soon will.

Instead of saying nice things about myself (awkward much?) I’ll let some incredible people I’ve been blessed to work with do that.

Kyle York
GM / VP at Oracle

“For two years I enjoyed managing Chris directly as he guided the day-to-day operations of our client services team. Chris represents a perfect balance of what our company is all about: community, culture & customers… and in his new role leading our HR function, he’ll be able to ensure the future of Dyn stays true to these core principles. He is a team player always committed to quality improvement and the work/life balance we strive for.”

Alex Lessard
Director, Engineering Services
at Oracle

“To say Chris was both the consummate professional and the life of the party is to give a very pale indication of both descriptions. I worked with him across different roles and he was always serious about the work, compassionate for the individuals he worked with, dedicated to finding the best solution, frank with his appraisals and generally hilarious. I always looked forward to anytime we had to interact with each other.”

Clint Taylor
Inventor, Chief Strategist
at Sentient Prime

“I worked with Chris during a period of rapid growth and cultural change, a 12-month span during which our organization grew from 100 to over 200 employees across all departments. This presented Chris with huge logistical, cultural and leadership challenges which he took head-on without hesitation, and remained devoted to working with everyone from senior leadership to individual contributors to preserve the integrity and spirit that embodied Dyn throughout this transformation.

Without reservation, I recommend Chris for an organization of any size in any market needing a leader who can identify talent, promote a culture that cultivates continuous improvement, and impeccably communicate with stakeholders up and down the hierarchy to further an organization’s core competitive advantages.”

Scott Smith
Chief Revenue Officer at CloudApp

“I’ve worked directly with Chris for over a year now in various roles, and having been close to him and seen his work ethic and ability to build and cultivate teams – he’s always impressed me. He has an amazing ability to grasp technical concepts and explain them simply, an ability to manage relationships across the company and express a fantastic sense of humor when appropriate. I love working with Chris, and hope to continue to do so.”

Charles Phillips
Security Analyst at Oracle

“Chris is excellent at supporting the people that he works with, both above and below in the chain of command.  Chris Widner quote “I’m here so you and Dyn succeeds, how can I help you make that happen?”.  Not only does he ask this question, but he follows through. I would happily work directly with him again, given the opportunity.”