Q&A: What should a new hire do during the first 90 days to put themself on the fast track to advancement?

Make sure you’ve developed strong business relationships with leadership and key employees across all departments. Understand the company’s products, the problems they’re really solving, and your key clients. Identify a process or opportunity that the company isn’t capitalizing on and start trying to attack it on the side. Ask for feedback from your supervisor and […]

Q&A: Does a workplace fitness challenge improve the office community? Does it risk being exclusionary?

This is a really interesting question and one I hadn’t thought about before. I can certainly see how, if executed poorly, a workplace fitness challenge could become exclusionary. With a few areas of focus I believe you can have a successful program that improves the office community. Don’t make it feel mandatory. You can accomplish […]

Q&A: What is the correct way to overcome a manager who exercised micromanagement in every single tasks a staff is going to perform?

There are a few approaches one can take when working for a micromanager. Which one you pick depends on your personality, relationship with the micromanager, ability to endure difficult conversations, and your performance level. Ask for Feedback – Ask for a 1:1 with the micromanager and ask them to give you some performance feedback. If they […]

Q&A: How do you deal with an insubordinate “employee” you want to keep?

The simple way to prevent this in the future is the hardest: have an honest conversation about their performance and attitude. Often times people are not aware of the impact they are having on the organization because nobody has ever told them. They also aren’t fully aware of the boundaries and how they are violating […]

Q&A: What are the best ways to build an extremely strong company culture?

With “great” being a subjective term I’ll avoid being prescriptive in my answer in terms of “what” the culture should be but will be prescriptive in “how” you can do it. There are many effective formulas, but the one below is nice and easy. As with any initiative and goal you need to start with […]